1. Footwear

Prepare for all weather occasions. It’s a good idea to provide flip flops for your guests tiring feet or in an outdoor weddings case maybe wellies.

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2. Prepare for sun

We know its England, but some days can be beautiful sunshine and high temperatures, we’ve had many guests sunburnt as they’ve not expected the sun. It’s a good idea to bring sun cream, you don’t want to be looking red in your wedding photos! Sunglasses are also a good idea especially for guests when watching the ceremony.

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3. Have a plan B…just in case

England in well… sometimes rainy. We must say at Bridge house barn 9 times out of 10 plan A happens and a beautiful ceremony is conducted outside. Although if it does rain we can create just as a beautiful ceremony inside the tipis if a plan B is prepared (keep an eye of the forecast).

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4. Umbrellas

A stash of umbrellas at the front entrance is always a good idea, for people headed to the bar or the toilet, I mean who wants rain water in their drinks? Or to shade guests from the sun.

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5. Keep warm

Make sure guests know it’s an outdoor wedding, make it clear in the invite so they can dress appropriately and bring warm clothes for the evening, providing blankets for the evening is always a good idea, as British summer evenings as sometimes chilly.

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